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The types of saffron and the features and details you need to know more

If you use saffron, you know that there are different types of saffron with different prices and characteristics such as different colors and thicker fragrances and more volumes.

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Each of these different categories determines which part of the saffron plant is in this package

so the name of the company and the city of production and …

do not determine the types of saffron in these packages, and the yellow and reddish saffron color  only Makes different packing.

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If you see different types of saffron in the market, except for the above, know that they are a branch of the top four major categories.

In this article we will consider the four main categories with all its features.

Before starting, it’s OK to know that the stigmas and cream of saffron, respectively, are the red and yellow parts of saffron.

Before starting, it’s ok to know that the stigmas and cream of saffron, respectively, are the red and yellow parts of saffron.

Types Of Saffron ( Qaenat )

Types of Saffron:

1 . Negin

2 . Sargol

3 . Pooshal

4 . Dasteh


When we look at the amount of cream of this saffron compared with ordinary saffron,

we see that it has many similarities to it, but in terms of thickness, ordinary saffron is more delicate than it.

Among the different types of saffron, this model also has a tremendous coloring effect, it is also very fragrant, and Negin saffron apparently   is very large and beautiful.


Sargol Saffron is the most common saffron, and most customers often know this type of saffron.

In this sample, there is no yellow part of saffron or its root and they are cut down by scissors.

and then it is used static electricity to separate whole cream, and only the cut string of saffron with   its stigma that is separated is clean.

Sargol Saffron is also known by other names such as head of pen (sar ghalam), head of the root (sar risheh) and excellent.

And it is also known in abroad as the All-Red (completely red).

Excellent saffron also has some cream; any way, Sargol saffron is used more than the others.


Pooshal has some yellowness in Compared to various types of saffron, such as Sargol,

and it is formed with more red colored stigma, and it only has about 2 to 3 mm of cream.

The bunch of this product has a higher color due to the presence of stigma in Compared with the types of saffron.

Customers are also more confident about this product for its originality, because of the combination of some cream with the stigma in this product, this product has different degrees from 1 to 3.


The whole yellowness of saffron or flatmate is used in the packaging of this product.

If you look at the image, you’ll see red stigmas with yellow cream.

This product is considered as the main type of saffron among the different types of it,

because there is a whole compound of saffron in this product and they have been dried together.

They are laminated in a one-sided or double-sided manner to sort this combination,   and then they are screwed with thread.

The yellow section makes up about 3 to 5 mm or 25-30% of the product, and the red part of it  can be longer or shorter than the cream and it  should be between 70 -75%.

Saffron-Picked By Hand

Cream Saffron

It’s better  to know that one of the types of saffron that does not have grouped ,it  is white or cream saffron, which has no stigmas , and is referred to as saffron corn.


Nowadays, saffron producers have different categories for saffron types, each categories has particular applications.

In this article, you will be acquainted with the four main categories of saffron.

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